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Sleep Optimisation Dentistry at Grange Road Dental Group may be able to help you, or someone you know, get on the right path to a better night's sleep and ultimately better health and emotional well-being. This 'important information' guide will help you learn more information about Sleep Optimisation Dentistry.

If you would like to speak with one of our Ipswich Dentists about Sleep Optimisation Dentistry, consider making a consultation to discuss your situation. We provide our patients information and help to determine a clearer picture of this aspect of your health and how best to improve and optimise your sleep. Either Call Us on (07) 3281 666, or Book an Appointment Online.

Are You Getting A Good Night Sleep?

Do you snore OR clench and grind your teeth during your sleep? Do you have any breathing problems through your mouth and/or nose when sleeping?
Do you know anyone else who does this.... Your Partner, Parent or Child maybe?

Being able to enjoy a quiet, restful and deep sleep is something that many people and their partners do not achieve.

It is important to learn more about what may be causing symptoms of snoring and teeth grinding or teeth clenching and determine if it should be followed-up.

When it comes to our general physical and emotional well-being, getting a consistently good sleep plays a vitally important role towards our overall health.

There are many factors involved in what contributes to a good sleep. Sleep Optimisation Dentistry is an area that we at Grange Road Dental Group have a particular interest in.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Sleep Optimisation

The fact is, that almost everyone is aware of someone in their family, maybe yourself, who has an issue with snoring and teeth grinding or teeth clenching during sleep.

For a large percentage of people, the quality of our sleep is often linked airway related issues - such as restrictions or resistance of the airway at the back of the mouth, through the nose, or a combination of both. We call this 'airway related sleep disordered breathing'. For example, snoring and the varying degrees of sleep apnoea fit into the category of airway related sleep breathing problems.

The good news, is that, if diagnosed correctly and treated using the right techniques, sleep breathing problems can be resolved. If so, this can largely contribute towards achieving better sleep (for you and your partner or family members), which also means better health and emotional well-being.

At Grange Road Dental Group, We Are Leaders In Sleep Optimisation Dentistry

At Grange Road Dental Group, we have a keen interest in the field of sleep science. For many of our patients we have been able to determine if there are signs and symptoms of sleep breathing problems and therefore have been able to help guide our patients towards seeking proper care for the improvement of their sleep and overall body health.

With our many years of experience in Sleep Optimisation Dentistry, we have developed proven protocols and procedures to help our patients.

One of the key factors why we are able to help patients determine if there may be any issue with their sleep, is that there are specific dentally related signs and symptoms that indicate a possible airway related sleep breathing issue. This information is integrated with other signs and symptoms and needs to be examined as a whole, by a health professional knowledgeable in the field of Dentistry and Sleep Science.

We Can Help With Snoring, Teeth Grinding and Sleep Breathing Problems

At your Dental Examination with us at Grange Road Dental Group, we can help you to determine if there may be any signs and symptoms relating to your sleep that may require further assessment.

To help, we have developed our Grange Road Dental Group 'Sleep Questionnaire', which we provide our patients to help provide a clearer picture of this aspect of your health and how best to help you optimise your sleep.

Benefits of Improving the Quality of Your Sleep and Sleep Optimisation Dentistry

Improved sleep quality will have a positive impact on your overall health and emotional well-being.

Positive benefit on the health and longevity of your teeth - with protection from teeth wear and prevention against teeth cracks.

A more sound and quite sleep - that is, with less snoring and teeth grinding - will allow your sleep partner or family members to also achieve a more restful sleep

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