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At Grange Road Dental Group we offer a wide range of Ipswich dental services and treatment options. When you see us, we provide you with individualised choices and helpful dental education information along the way.

This Virtual Consultation Room provides you with a menu of topics to discover further information on:

Dental Treatment Options and Ipswich Dental Services We Provide.

Helpful Dental Education Information and Recommendations.

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Dental Examinations

At your Dental Examination visit at Grange Road Dental Group we thoroughly check and record the

Professional Cleaning

Regular professional cleaning visits are essential to remove the stains and hard build-up (called calculus) that develop on the teeth. It is important to professionally clean the teeth on a regular basis to prevent gingivitis and gum disease.

Usually teeth cleaning will occur in conjunction with regular dental examination visits, to check the health of your teeth, gums and overall mouth.

At your regular dental examination visits, we also evaluate how well you are brushing and cleaning between your teeth. We will give you advice and recommendations along the way, to help maintain the long-term health of your mouth and prevent future problems.


Ensure long-term health of gums and teeth to reduce need for major dental treatment.
Learn with our guidance about how to best look after your teeth and gums at home.

Preventative Fillings

Conservative Fillings or Sealants may be recommended to help prevent future decay.

Sometimes the natural grooves of the teeth are deep and require protection with preventative fillings. It is important to discover this at early at regular dental examination visits, before decay starts to occur or become deeper.


Prevents future decay and deep fillings.
Conservative of natural tooth structure for the best long-term health of your teeth. We use best practice bonding materials and techniques to maintain the healthy tooth structure and only repair the affected areas of need.

Preventative Dentistry

We like to work together with our patients to help achieve a stable mouth environment whereby the need for future dental treatment is prevented and the risk of related overall health problems is reduced.

Where necessary we can diagnose and address any early problem area with conservative treatments. For example tooth remineralisation may be an option to prevent changes in tooth enamel from progressing to tooth decay. Another example is with early identification and proper early treatment of gum problems.

With our preventative dentistry approach we will help to maintain your teeth and gum health and reduce the risk of tooth loss later in life.

Prevention of teeth and gum problems will also help to support your overall health. It has been shown to improve the stability of existing health conditions (such as heart disease and diabetes) that are related to the health of your mouth.


Increase ability to keep your teeth for life.
Reduce the need (and cost) of major dental treatment and dental emergencies.
Help to support the overall health of your body with a healthy mouth.

Children's Dentistry

We strongly believe that giving your child a great start at the Dentist will help them establish good life-long oral habits. At Grange Road Dental Group we focus on providing a quality and caring Children's Dentistry service.

We take great care to create a warm and friendly environment so that children feel at ease.

Dr Jelena Vlacic-Zischke is especially talented with treating children. Her enthusiasm, patience and ability to connect with young children helps to mould their perception of dentistry is a positive way. Many children express excitement about coming to see Dr Jelena for their regular dental visits.

At each visit, we explain all the important information to you and your child. For example, we will encourage your child on how they can improve their oral health habits so that they can ensure their teeth and gums are as healthy as possible.

We will also assess and advise you on the appropritate care for children's dentistry concerns. For example we will provide you with orthodontic treatment recommendations and look out for any children's sleep apnea signs and symptoms.

We accepts patients eligible with the Medicare 'Child Dental Benefit Schedule'. Please ask our staff about how these claims are processed at Grange Road Dental Group.


At Grange Road Dental Group, we are experience and child-friendly Dentists.
We provide educational advice and encouragement.
We are able to assess and advise on the appropriate care for childhood dental concerns, such as orthodontic assessment and children's sleep apnea.


White Fillings
Amalgam Replacement

At Grange Road Dental Group, when do aesthetic and high quality White Fillings for our patients. We use the same advanced bonding techniques for our White Fillings, that we also use for our Biocrowns.

Our advanced White Filling techniques help our patients to:

  1. Improve the appearance of their teeth.
  2. Restore areas of dental decay.
  3. Replace Dental Amalgam fillings.

When doing our high quality White Fillings and when replacing Amalgams, we ensure we do so in a way that is most beneficial to the longevity and protection of your teeth.

Our advanced White Filling and Biocrown techniques are just of the two of the many procedures that we take great pride in to be able to offer our patients at Grange Road Dental Group. We allow the right amount of time necessary and use the latest techniques and best materials when completing our White Fillings and Amalgam Repalcement procedures.

One of the clear advantages of our White Fillings and Biocrowns is that they actually bond to the surrounding tooth structure, therefore helping to strengthen and support the tooth.

This is why, at Grange Road Dental Group, we elect to use these advanced techniques when replacing Dental Amalgam Fillngs. In fact, Amalgams do not bond to the teeth and are only held in place by their extra size and unfavourable shape that requires the removal of unnecessary healthy tooth structure. Subsequently Amalgam fillings do nothing to protect teeth from the stresses of daily chewing and biting forces. In fact, this is why we often see cracks in teeth filled with Dental Amalgams.

The main reasons we replace Dental Amalgams for our patients is because of:

  • Amalgam filling breakdown and subsequent leakage and/or decay.
  • visual evidence of cracks in teeth with Amalgams, to protect and preserve the remaining healthy tooth structure.
  • their wish to change over to Tooth Coloured Fillings due to the dark and unsightly appearance of Dental Amalgams, or any health concerns.

BENEFITS of our White Fillings and Amalgam Replacement

Looks Good and Natural - we use the best quality materials that blend in with your natural tooth structure.
More conservative - our white filling techniques allow us to keep the surrounding healthy tooth structure.
More protective - strengthen and support the tooth.
Longer-lasting - they outlast white fillings that are done with poor technique and with low quality materials.
Allows for the replacement of Dental Amalgam fillings for those concerned about their dark appearance or any health issues.


Biocrowns are a form of advanced Biomimetic Restoration technique that we choose to offer our patients

'GRDG Teeth Whitening Method'

Computer-Aided Smile Design

At Grange Road Dental Group we use our Computer-Aided Smile Design technique for patients who are

Teeth Rebuilding

Q - Have you got damaged or missing teeth?

Q - Are your teeth starting to wear down or chip?

Q - Do you have gaps between your teeth, or are they in an undesirable position such that you would like the overall appearance improved?

Q - Do you want to know your options about your teeth in their current state?

At Grange Road Dental Group, these are just some of the situations that we help our patients with on a daily basis.

We find that often people 'put off' coming to see just any dentist, because they may be embarrassed about their current situation or because they are uncertain about what options are available and unsure about what dental treatment is involved.

At Grange Road Dental Group we are confident in being able to make you feel at ease when seeing us for advice and treatment. We will provide you with honest, trustworthy advice for your individual situation and we will look after you at every step of the way when it comes to dental treatment with us.

If you decide to improve and keep your remaining teeth, we can help you achieve a level of appearance, function and stability that you are happy with. We want to provide you with a sense of satisfaction and pride of your smile and help you achieve long-term dental health.

Alternatively, for any teeth that you may wish to replace, we can provide you with options, costings and time frames to help you plan.

Throughout the treatment process we plan each step carefully and communicate with you to help you understand your options. We also use methods and materials that will ensure you receive the best outcomes for your individual situation.

BENEFITS of Teeth Rebuilding with Grange Road Dental Group

No need to be uncertain or embarrased. We will make you feel at ease when seeing us for advise and dental treatment.
Honest and trustworthy advice for your individual situation. We plan each step carfully and communicate with you to help you understand your options.
Caring. We will look after with you during your dental treatment at every step of the way.
Satisfaction and Pride. Achieve a level of appearance, function and stability that you are happy with.
We help you plan. We provide you with options, costings and treatment time-frames to help you plan.


Suction-Effective Dentures

One of our special interest areas at Grange Road Dental Group is to help our patients

Dental Implants

Dental Implants provide teeth replacement solutions that are strong and stable. In the case of single Dental Implants, they provide a solution that is most like a natural tooth, therefore allowing you to eat, speak and smile naturally.

At Grange Road Dental Group we have gained many years experience in the field of Dental Implants and are able to offer advice and be involved in the treatment for:

  • Single and Multiple teeth replacement options.
  • Full Mouth teeth replacement options.
  • Upgrade and Improvement of Dentures with Dental Implants for increased stability and retention.

BENEFITS of Dental Implants

The closest form of missing tooth repalcement for a single natural tooth in terms of appearance, feel, function and ease of cleaning.
Most secure form of teeth replacement.
Increased ability to chew food like with natural teeth.
Done properly and maintained regularly, Dental Implants are often the longest-lasting form of teeth replacement.
Compared to a Dental Bridge, when replacing one or two missing teeth, Dental Implants do not involve the unnecessary removal of tooth structure from neighbouring teeth and the Dental Implants final are not reliant on the longevity of adjacent teeth.


Important Information Guide

MRD Customised Appliances

One of the sleep optimisation solutions we offer at Grange Road Dental Group is to make
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