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UPDATED May 10th, 2020


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) at a glance | Australian Government Department of Health:

You can also get up-to-date information on the Federal Government’s Coronavirus Australia app, available on the App StoreGoogle Play and the Government’s WhatsApp channel.

How To Manage Dental Emergencies and Urgent during COVID-19| Ipswich Dentist

We have made a list below of type dental scenarios you may endure during this time. We are available to help give you advice and guidance over the phone. Call us on (07) 3281 6666. We are happy to help.

  1. Tooth Ache

    – Start taking regular pain killers if you need them. If you are unsure what you can take, call us or check with your local pharmacist for guidance.
    – Good Oral Hygiene with a fluoride toothpaste and reducing your intake of sugary foods will help to ensure any existing decay doesn’t get worse.
    – If the pain involves a sharp sensitivity, apply Colgate Sensitive ProRelief directly to the area with you finger tip and rub onto the sensitive tooth area for 20 seconds. This will help to apply a protective coating and may help with the sensitivity.
    Call us on (07) 3281 6666. We are happy to help. We can arrange x-rays and further treatment as necessary.
    – If necessary we can prescribe a course of Antibiotics to help with a dental infection that is causing the tooth ache.

  2. Broken Tooth / Lost Filling

    – Most times, the tooth may only be sensitive if you eat on this area and drink cold/hot liquids. If so, try to avoid the area as much as possible. Sometimes the tooth may not be sensitive at all
    – If needed, take regular pain killers. If you are unsure what you can take, call us or check with your local pharmacist for guidance.
    – Initially, the area will feel sharp to you tongue. Try to avoid the area with you tongue.
    – Maintain good oral hygiene and a low sugar diet to prevent any decay from developing or existing decay from getting worse.
    Call us on (07) 3281 6666. We are happy to help. We can arrange an appointment as soon as our restriction lift to you for dental treatment.

  3. Traumatic Injury to the Teeth and/or Gums

    – Feel free to Call Us on (07) 3281 6666 and we will help you assess the situation.
    – Generally bumps and cuts to the lip and look nasty but there’s a good chance everything will be ok.
    – If a tooth has been chipped, broken and moved, it is best to take a photo and let us see by emailing us the photos.
    – If needed, take regular pain killers, as per directions. If you are unsure what you can take, call us or check with your local pharmacist for guidance.
    – Initially, we recommend Colgate Savacol (or Listerine Zero for kids) for the first few days, a couple of times a day. It’s not necessary, or recommended, to continue this long term.
    – Generally avoid the area when eating for the next few weeks. Softer foods will help. It may take up to 6-8 weeks for everything to completely settle. This is ok and normal.
    – We also recommend GENTLE brushing of the area at the gum level with a VERY SOFT TOOTH BRUSH. Be very gentle at first, but as time goes on and the area becomes less tender ensure good brushing continues. We don’t want plaque building up at the gum level.
    – We are happy to monitor the situation with you what it is looking like in a few days time, then again in 1 week.
    – We can arrange x-rays and further treatment as necessary.

  4. Sensitive Teeth

    – Sensitive teeth typically occurs at the gum level of the tooth, where the gums have receded and / or there is worn tooth enamel, therefore causing the sensitive tooth root surface to be exposed.
    – Feel free to Call Us on (07) 3281 6666 and we can discuss your symptoms, the possible causes and ways to prevent it and tooth sensitivity treatment options.
    – We may recommend for you to initially try a specific type of sensitive toothpaste that we find works best to temporarily block the sensitive root surfaces areas.
    Click this link to learn more about sensitive teeth, our recommendation for the best densensitising toothpaste and how to apply it… READ MORE.

Recommended Measures by the Australian and State Government to prevent the spread of COVID-19

This is a funny video that helps get the message across about social distancing.

Also we found the video below to be very creative and a good visual representation of why social distancing is so important.


Also this is a great summary article by a group of Australian GP’s on the recommended protection measures we can take right now.

Masks Wearing 101: A Dentist’s Perspective on How To Wear a Mask Properly

Wearing a mask in public will be particularly important if the rate of community spread increases in Australia. It is also likely to become necessary once our community is ready to return to work and back to school, etc. For this we will have to be guided by the Australian Government recommendations.

Also if you are caring for someone who is unwell, then wearing a mask is recommended.

But, all masks are not equal and if you’re wearing one, there are must know tips on how to wear a mask properly.

We have written an article on Mask Wearing 101. Click HERE TO READ the full article on how to wear a mask properly.

In The News

Exercise and Stretching Suggestions that we follow.

  • Here is a short ‘wake up your body’ routine from The Dental Yogis on Instagram. The Dental Yogis are dental colleagues of our in the US that we follow and join in with their Instagram yoga and stretching sessions.
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Here’s how we AWAKEN our bodies and get the creative juices flowing first thing in the morning! 1. Hydrate: We loose a lot of water overnight, so start with a large glass of room temp water with lemon and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt (aids in water absorption). 2. 6 deep breaths: Helps oxygenate our body and stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system so we don’t begin our day with anxiety/overwhelm. 3. Shake around like a jellyfish: We hold so much physical and mental tension in our bodies. Shaking it off grants us a clean slate and it aids with lymphatic circulation (detox). 4. Neck stretch: We rarely move our neck through full range, so starting with neck mobilization is imperative (especially for Cristian’s big head). 5. Spine Stretch: “Your only as young as your spine is mobile.” Joseph Pilates 6. Set an intention: “Where your attention goes, energy flows.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza. Starting your day with an intention helps us shift our focus on being, doing, and getting what we WANT! 7. Sit in stillness for 10 minutes: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Disciplining ourselves to do NOTHING for at least 10 minutes is an effective way to train ourselves to become less distracted, less hyper-reactive, and more present. Try it out, and go be the BEST version of yourself today! Namaste ?? #namaslay #today

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