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February 15, 2015
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Essential Guide on Effective TOOTH BRUSHING
August 30, 2015

At Grange Road Dental Group we are often asked by parents for children and baby tooth brushing tips.

We have therefore created a guide that includes useful information and tips for both Children and Baby Teeth Brushing. This will help you to ensure that your children develop the important life-long habit of regular teeth cleaning. At Grange Road Dental Group our goal is to help your child maintain healthy teeth & gums, and avoid tooth decay.

1. Develop and Maintain a Tooth Brushing Routine

Our number one tip is to develop a consistent daily routine for brushing your child’s teeth.

Like getting dressed in the morning, taking a bath or hair brushing, consistent tooth brushing helps to make it easier to develop the good habit early.

2. Make Teeth Brushing Fun and Enjoyable

Put on some music, be silly, make up a family song. Do what it takes to help make tooth brushing time a fun and enjoyable experience for your child.

There are a number of Free Children and Baby Tooth Brushing Apps available with integrated timers and teeth brushing calendars to help your child keep up with their tooth brushing routine. Just ask us at your next Children’s Dentist visit if you need any recommendations.

3. Start Brushing As Early As Possible

It is important to introduce the concept of brushing as early as possible. You don’t even have to wait for the first teeth to erupt. However it is vital that you start brushing by the time your child’s first teeth erupt around six to nine months of age.

4. Explain Why Tooth Brushing is Important

Once your child is old enough, if you take the time to explain to them the reason why brushing their teeth is important, they are more likely to want follow through with regular tooth brushing.

5. Use the Right Tooth Brush

We recommend using a tooth brush with soft bristles and a small head. Both manual tooth brushes or electric tooth brushes that fit the previous description are good. We stock suitable tooth brushes for Babies and Children at our Ipswich Dentist Practice – Grange Road Dental Group. Please ask one of our friendly staff for assistance and advice.

6. Brush your Teeth Together as a Family

We recommend for children to brush their teeth together with other family members. For example with a sibling, or together with parents. This is because children will see everybody else brushing their teeth and therefore this in itself reinforces the importance of this regular habit.

For an explanation of ‘How to Brush Your Teeth – Babies, Children and Adults’, please keep an eye on our website for an upcoming post on this topic.

Article by: Dr Jelena Vlacic- Zischke, a Children’s Dentist at Grange Road Dental Group.

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